• The most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Deep Learning algorithm for face mask detection.
  • Capability to alert in real time of any possible violator.
  • Easily applicable to CCTV cameras and IP cameras.
face mask detection real time deep learning technology ai

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Adapted to your needs

LogMask is a powerful Image API that uses highly scalable deep learning technology to bring a Face Mask Detection solution to any of your needs. We integrate the missing face mask alerts and logs into a user-friendly web interface to bring more safety to your business.

Generate violator logs with photos, time and location. Download reports anytime and receive alerts on any device. The perfect solution for installing in small or large shops, supermarkets, public buildings, bus, metro or train stations, etc.

cctv integrate face mask detection alert safety automated

CCTV System Integration

Easily connect our Face Mask detector system to you CCTV system or IP cameras.

acoustic alert face mask detection shop supermarket entrance

Entrance Acoustic Alerts

Acoustic system to detect people without mask in the entrance of shops, supermarkets or public buildings.

custom mask detection solution metro entrance public transport

Custom Solutions

We can create custom solutions to meet your face mask detection safety needs.